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East of Ridge at the edge of the Longwood School District is the tiny community of Lake Panamoka. It was first known as Long Pond. A Boy Scout camp for Queens County named Camp Newcomb was there beginning in the 1920’s. The ranger’s house is still there. In the 1930’s a developer began building log homes there and changed the name from Long Pond to Lake Panamoka. Panamoka is not an actual Indian name but sounds like one. http://www.longwood.k12.ny.us/history/ridge/panamoka/brochure.htm

HELEN BUTLER EILER shares her memories of Panamoka in the 1950’s.

For the last 30 years, Helen has lived in Troy, Michigan. Her sisters live in New Jersey, Texas, and California.
Helen said:
Email is a great tool when you live far from each other.  I have looked on Google Maps and our old house looks like it is in same position. I am sure it has changed.  Our house was at the corner of Wyandanch and Wauwepex Trails. If you were on Wyandanch and then made another right onto Wauwepex, you would be on the side of our old house heading back toward the Pavilion.  We called it the 5 corners. Four corners had homes on them and the fifth, right across the street from the side of our house, was a pointed lot that never was built on.
One thing is that we had Movie Nights at the Pavilion – then it was still open air.  We all sat on blankets on the floor.  Did you know that a man who owned a house by Beach 3 worked for Disney?  I don’t know his name, but one summer we were treated to Old Yeller and Dumbo.  How cool was that as a kid to watch a Disney movie at the Pavilion!
We were a family of 6, Mom, Dad and 4 girls.  We never locked our doors all summer and slept with all the windows open all summer.  You could never do that today!
The Corey Pod was always known as “The Frog Pond” because of the crazy amounts of frogs you could catch there. They were huge and you could hear the bull frogs at our house at night.  Just on the other side of the pond was a corn field and the farmer hated when the kids went into this field and picked corn. 
They didn’t have swimming lessons at the lake back then.  We had to drive to Rocky Point and take them in the freezing cold sound.  Our mail came to the Wading River Post Office.
Does anyone remember the hurricane that blew through the Lake in the late 50’s?  Beach 2 and Beach 3 were separated byt he lake washing over the road. You could not drive around the lake for days.  No electricity either! Thank God one of our neighbors, Mildred Shaw still had a hand pump so we could have water.  As the men were abel to drive up to the Lake from their jobs, they helped each neighbor to seal their roofs, etc.  It was a very close community with lots of helping hands.




Mike Thabet emailed us: I was just wondering if there is a known record for the largest largemouth bass caught at Lake Panamoka? If not, I believe I may be the record holder.  I have pictures and other residents of the lake that can back my assertion.  I caught (and released of course) this fish back in 1994.