Water Testing

July 2020 Water Testing

By Water Testing

July waster testing shows the water is SAFE to swim in.

To be compliant with NYS water testing standards we need PPM numbers for the following:

(1) Based on a single sample, the upper value for the density of bacteria shall be:

     (i) 1,000 fecal coliform bacteria per 100 ml;

This test is total coliform test, which includes fecal, and is still well below the legal limit.

July 2017 – Water Testing Results

By Water Testing

Date: 6/27/2017

Water Testing Lab: Pace Analytical

Analytical Method: SM22 9221B/E

Beach 1 Fecal Coliforms:  33 MPN / 100ml

Beach 1 Total Coliforms:  33 MPN / 100ml

Beach 2 Fecal Coliforms:  110 MPN / 100ml

Beach 2 Total Coliforms:  110 MPN / 100ml

Beach 3 Fecal Coliforms:  110 MPN / 100ml

Beach 3 Total Coliforms:  110 MPN / 100ml